Likewise, those looking for power nutrition products are faced with a similar challenge in selecting the right products.


Recognizing this need in the market, Vitamin Planet was founded to provide a knowledgeable and experienced staff and equip them with a wide selection of products to assist customers in selecting the products that best match their needs. With the success of Vitamin Planet we are now offering this franchise opportunity to health oriented individuals who have a passion for vitamins, nutrition and service.

Our franchise program differentiate Vitamin Planet through three key focuses:

  1. Knowledgeable Experienced Staff

  2. Wide Product Selection

  3. Marketing Programs


Learn more about our franchise opportunities to see if owning a Vitamin Planet superstore is right for you by exploring our franchise information pages.

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Vitamin Planet is a service and product driven retail business that offers a full line of vitamin, supplement and power nutrition products that fill the needs of customers who want to look and feel better. With today's increased emphasis on the healthy lifestyle, vitamins and minerals are growing in popularity as a better and healthier alternative to the over prescribed medicines that doctors suggest. And yet the options are often overwhelming to an individual that walks into a nutrition store.